When, why, and how to learn synchronously and asynchronously

Online education is increasingly becoming the preferred medium of education. However, just when we thought that acceptance of online education has finally come through, academicians are confronted with a new debate – should the delivery style be synchronous (real time) or asynchronous (recordings, discussion boards, email etc.). There is an on-going debate in the eLearning community about the relative merits of both approaches to learning.

Statistical evidence shows that both synchronous and asynchronous approaches can have similar outcomes.

The key is to understand the preferences of the learners and the nature of the subject matter; to deliver tailor made solutions to studen

Our whitepaper When, Why, and How to Learn Synchronously and Asynchronously focuses on the advantages and limitations of both synchronous and asynchronous styles, and addresses questions such as when, why, and how to best use each mode of delivery.

Download this whitepaper for free to:
-Get an objective view of the extensive research done in the area in the last decade
-Self-evaluate your preferred method of delivery
-Learn how WizIO Virtual classroom gives you the best of both worlds – synchronous and asynchronous

The goal of the whitepaper is to provide information to instructors, students, and institutions interested in using these modes, so they can best plan their learning programs and adapt to individual learning needs.

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