Caution!! Deadly Ideas for Your Online Language Course Ahead!

Would you like to run language courses online?

With WizIQ, it couldn’t be easier!

All you need is an internet connection and some teaching experience to launch a career as an online language teacher. 

Furthermore, WizIQ makes it easy to teach in a foreign language. Do you want to teach English to Chinese speakers? Sure. How about Thai to Italians? No problem. Maybe you want to teach Arabic to Russians. With the WizIQ multi-lingual interface, it is easy. The WizIQ Interface is designed to support teaching in 19 languages, including English, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, French, Polish, Czech, Malay, Persian/Farsi, Italian, German, Turkish and Dutch. That means that the entire user experience can be in any of these languages.

The WizIQ classroom makes it easy to teach grammar and syntax, vocabulary and pronunciation. The WizIQ Learning Management System, allows teachers to form book clubs, have online forum-style discussions and administer tests.

Download this paper to see just how easy it can be to teach a language online. 

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