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ielts speaking 1 introduction 1

ielts speaking 1 introduction 1by English Solutions


ielts speaking 1 introduction 1<br/> ...

Neutral English - The Art of Speaking &amp;amp;amp; Writing without Regionalism

Neutral English - The Art of Speaking &amp;amp; Writing without sasi

2 Pages|2447 Views

The basic criteria of communication is that one should understand what the other person is saying or writing and vice versa. Communication is a crucia...

CPE PreTest (Speaking and Listening)

CPE PreTest (Speaking and Listening)by William Noble

7 Pages |960 Views

Speaking and Listening Sections of CPE Pre-test&lt;br/&gt;

IELTS speaking tutorial

IELTS speaking tutorialby Harinder Singh


This presentation is to improve your speaking skills and to get excellent score in IELTS. Everything will depend upon the practice and preparation. Th...

Quick IELTS Speaking Preparation

Quick IELTS Speaking Preparationby Harinder Singh


This video is a quick idea about the speaking module in the IELTS exam. The video belongs to

Developing speaking skill

Developing speaking skillby sapna

14 Pages|14313 Views

speaking skill

IELTS Speaking Practice

IELTS Speaking Practiceby Darren Smith

4 Pages |9537 Views

This is a plan for an IELTS speaking test. It has the theme of 'Friends'.

IELTS Speaking - Friends

IELTS Speaking - Friendsby Darren Smith

4 Pages|9119 Views

This is a practice guide for an IELTS Speaking topic. It has the theme of friends.

Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speakingby Jesai Jayhmes


This video shows what it feels like for many people who have been asked to make a public speech. Public Speaking is the Number 1 Fear of most people.

Speaking skills

Speaking skillsby Fabiana Giron


This is a 10 min video showing some tips to put into practice right away about how to improve your public speaking skills.

speaking skills

speaking skillsby sapna

14 Pages |2411 Views

teaching speaking technics

IELTS Introductory class __ IELTS Speaking

IELTS Introductory class __ IELTS Speakingby vinodita sankhyan

12 Pages|2828 Views

This Speaking Module session specially conducted for all Those out there who plan to take up this test to pursue their studies and career in foreign l...

Preparing IELTS -speaking

Preparing IELTS -speakingby vinodita sankhyan

13 Pages |3871 Views

Tis class on IELTS -Speaking will be of help for all those preparing for this test. This Introductory class is a peek view to the actual paid classes ...

Best English Speaking Classes in Amritsar

Best English Speaking Classes in Amritsarby Himanshu Arora

3 Pages|8401 Views

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Key Feature...

IELTS and other advanced exams, speaking practice video

IELTS and other advanced exams, speaking practice videoby Anne Fraser


video of a candidate taking IELTS

Speaking with Confidence

Speaking with Confidenceby Dr. Nellie Deutsch

4 Pages|1494 Views

Learn some techniques on how to speak with confidence in English