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QTP Scripts Examples

QTP Scripts Examplesby G C Reddy Technologies

16 Pages |77302 Views

This document provides qtp script examples and it explains vb script in qtp orientation.

VBScript examples for QTP Testers

VBScript examples for QTP Testersby G.C Reddy

1 Page|22087 Views

VBScript general examples for QTP Automation testers

QTP Examples Presentation

QTP Examples Presentationby G.C Reddy

5 Pages |9046 Views

QTP Examples presentation for Testers

QTP web scripts

QTP web scriptsby G C Reddy Technologies

15 Pages|20860 Views

web testing scripts examples using qtp tool

QTP Scripting

QTP Scriptingby G C Reddy Technologies

16 Pages |17974 Views

This document document is for understanding qtp scripts with some examples.

QTP Scripts

QTP Scriptsby G C Reddy Technologies

43 Pages|38916 Views

This document for explaining qtp scripting in vb script orientation

QTP Scripts

QTP Scriptsby G.C Reddy

76 Pages |21521 Views

a document for qtp examples and other qtp information

QTP Web testing

QTP Web testingby G C Reddy Technologies

15 Pages|11160 Views

this document for qtp web scripts examples

QTP Scripting

QTP Scriptingby G.C Reddy

22 Pages |12078 Views

QTP Scripts examples document for automation testers

QTP Database Script Examples

QTP Database Script Examplesby G C Reddy Technologies

6 Pages|8495 Views

QTP Database Script Examples; describes creating connection object and Record set object.<br/>Writing data to a database and reading dat...

VBScript Examples

VBScript Examplesby G C Reddy Technologies

8 Pages |31916 Views

vb script fundamentals & features for web developers as well as software testers.

VB Script Objects

VB Script Objectsby G C Reddy Technologies

4 Pages|9285 Views

VB Script Objects; It describes Dictionary object ant Its Methods & Properties with examples. It is useful for QTP Testes as well as web developers.

QTP Excel Scripts

QTP Excel Scriptsby G C Reddy Technologies

15 Pages |14133 Views

QTP Excel Scripting Examples; <br/>'Objects in Excel Object Model<br/>a) Excel Application - Excel Application Object<br/>b Excel W...