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CVRU Online MS Office Class-14

CVRU Online MS Office Class-14by Dr. C.V.Raman University

59 Pages |835 Views

MS office 2007<br/>Brief introduction of Excel-2007 & Power Point-2007<br/>MS Word 2007<br/>Features of MS Word 2007

CVRU Online DCA MS Office Class-19

CVRU Online DCA MS Office Class-19by Dr. C.V.Raman University

35 Pages|234 Views

Use of functions in MS – Excel 2007.&lt;br/&gt;Use of headers &amp; footers in MS – Excel 2007.&lt;br/&gt;How to use various Print...

CVRU Online DCA MS Office Class-17

CVRU Online DCA MS Office Class-17by Dr. C.V.Raman University

39 Pages |272 Views

Introduction and Overview of MS – Excel. <br/>Use of Office button in MS – Excel.<br/>Work with cells<br/>Text formatting


MS-Wordby Muzahid Pathan

5 Pages|776 Views

MS-Word Processing