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6.263-1:Computer Networks - Introduction

6.263-1:Computer Networks - Introductionby LearnOnline Through OCW

26 Pages |2605 Views

In this lecture notes we will learn about Fundamental aspects of network Design and Analysis: Architecture Layering, Topology design,Protocols,Pt.-to-...

Knowing About Computers - Introduction

Knowing About Computers - Introductionby Continental Training

7 Pages|1210 Views

This basic introductory lesson describes the importance of computers in today’s world and identifies the main parts of a computer, as well as giving u...

Introduction to Computers

Introduction to Computersby Suneet Arora

33 Pages |3373 Views

Introduction to very basics of computers - What is a computer, memory, hardware, software, input, processing, output, peripheral devices, etc.

ASP.Net Introduction

ASP.Net Introductionby Gurjinder Singh Brar

35 Pages|10339 Views

ASP.Net Introduction

Introduction to Personal Computer

Introduction to Personal Computerby Gagandeep Singh Makkar

28 Pages |2583 Views

Excellent presentation about the Introduction of Computer. You will learn with images and the content which is easy to understand and analyze. <br/...

Introduction to OS (Operating Systems)

Introduction to OS (Operating Systems)by Princy

18 Pages|999 Views

A detailed introduction of OS

introduction to computer neworks

introduction to computer neworksby ibrahim salim

28 Pages |4621 Views

introduction to computer netwoerks

An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with JAVA

An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with JAVAby SMASH Kid

29 Pages|3490 Views

It is an assignment that I solve for the Arab Open University and has been graded. Each grade has been written under each question. Have fun!

Computer Introduction

Computer Introductionby KAU

19 Pages|2049 Views

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence  LECTURE 1

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence LECTURE 1by Paull Shocker

36 Pages|10170 Views

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence LECTURE 11: Nonmonotonic Reasoning Motivation: beyond FOL + resolution Closed-world assumption Default ru...

6.24: Course Overview; What Do Computer Scientists Do?

6.24: Course Overview; What Do Computer Scientists Do?by LearnOnline Through OCW


In this lecture we will discuss what does a computer scientist do? What they really do is, almost everything. Graduates of our department, other depar...

6.837-1 Computer Graphics Course overview

6.837-1 Computer Graphics Course overviewby LearnOnline Through OCW

65 Pages|2931 Views

This is an Introduction Lecture Notes on Computer GRaphics. It explains the structure of course and the details of course are Fundamentals of computer...