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IELTS writing_Class 2

IELTS writing_Class 2by Hannibal

10 Pages |765 Views

Ielts Writing tips

Ielts Writing tipsby leera

33 Pages|1574 Views

IELTS Introductory class

IELTS Introductory classby vinodita sankhyan

8 Pages |3942 Views

For students preparing for IELTS and the likes.
An Overview to IELTS ---- The class apprises the IELTS aspirants with the different categories tha...

Effective Essay Writing

Effective Essay Writingby Harinder Singh


This video lesson helps the user to make the essay writing effective and attaractive.It gives a brief idea of effective essay writing in IELTS Exam to...

Write Essays like an Expert: A Step-by-Step Guide

Write Essays like an Expert: A Step-by-Step Guideby Farhad Desai

7 Pages |5794 Views

This e-book will help you to write well for work/school assignments and reports, and even standardized tests such as TOEFL or IELTS. It will also help...

IELTS India British IDP Exam Test Date And Result

IELTS India British IDP Exam Test Date And Resultby TEC - Tajinder's English Classes

1 Page|321832 Views

Useful links to see the <a href="">IELTS Exam</a> dates and Speaking Dates For Punjab, Chandigarh...

IELTS Gap-filling Listening Exercise

IELTS Gap-filling Listening Exerciseby Tess Eidhin

1 Page |5834 Views

OECD Report on the Irish Economy. An IELTS Gap-filling Exercise/Listening/Writing

How to improve your writing skills?

How to improve your writing skills?by Harinder Singh


This video helps to improve the English writing skills and guides to make the writing effective and attractive.This video belongs to http://www.youtub...

Writing Formal Letters

Writing Formal Lettersby Englishteacher Namrata Arora

7 Pages |15884 Views

Students, teachers, mothers, Working Professionals and Managers; learn basics of writing Formal Letters. You get to actually practice framing the lett...