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6.004-1  Computation Structures (Basics of information)

6.004-1 Computation Structures (Basics of information)by LearnOnline Through OCW

8 Pages |1874 Views

In this lecture we will see about waht is information? how to quantify the information? what are the fixed and variable length encodings ? how to rep...

Computer Basics

Computer Basicsby Neville Solomon

43 Pages|1959 Views

This course was designed for people who has little or no knowledge of computers and would like to embark on a career in ICT knowledge.

1. Microsoft Visual Basic Overview

1. Microsoft Visual Basic Overviewby IT Expert

68 Pages |708 Views

In this chapter,we have seen an overview of a Visual Basic project, including what goes into a project, how it is stored on disk, and how the idea of ...

Computer Courses in Amritsar

Computer Courses in Amritsarby Himanshu Arora

4 Pages|6151 Views

Kapri Institute Of English Speaking (A Division of Kapri Trainers Pvt. Ltd.) (An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Co.) COMPUTER EDUCATION BY HIGHLY ...

Computer Basics Slides

Computer Basics Slidesby UdayaKumar Thoka

35 Pages |4546 Views

Here is the Basics about Computer. What is computer? Why is it? How it is playing a role in regular human life. Different types of computers. these al...

Essential Computer Concepts

Essential Computer Conceptsby Isaac Mumo

13 Pages|2484 Views

Now that the computer has become a ubiquitous tool in our lives, a new approach to computer concepts is warranted.<br/>This book extract...

Basic computer structure

Basic computer structureby Neenu Prasad


A computer is a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a finite set of arithmetic or logical operations. Since a sequence of opera...