Physics in the world of cricket

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Laws of motion in the world of cricket. With your knowledge of physics you can even swing the ball of forture of your future

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jenny Desouza

thx for the info
epiphany: hii i have same sport report assignment
do u still have ur report on cricket
if u do then plzz let me know post a comment on this okay
thx :)

1341 days 6 hours 11 minutes ago


thanx a lot....

1473 days 2 minutes ago


Thanks a lot for this info. Im having a physics project on any sport of my choice, so I picked cricket.Cricket is so unique and amazing! God bless!

1737 days 13 hours 3 minutes ago

Ocaya Christopher

Thank a lot for the physics lectures. It
was really very interesting, I do
appreciate it. It is full of facts.
Thank for that.

1822 days 8 hours 20 minutes ago

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