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ReadySetPresent (Generational Differences in Today’s Workplace PowerPoint Presentation Content): 100+ PowerPoint presentation content slides. Nowhere in history have we seen 4 generations in today’s workplace. Generational Differences in today’s workplace PowerPoint Presentation Content slides include topics such as: In the first 92 slides you will learn the advantages of generational diversity in the workplace, and identify the impacts of generational differences. This presentation details the 4 generations in our workplace today covering: Social, Political, and Economic Influences, Familial Structure and Influence, Education, Values, Work Ethic, Preferred Leadership Approach, Communication Style, Motivational Buttons, How They Interact with Others, Preferred Approach to Feedback, View toward the Company, Work Vs. Personal Life, Desired Rewards, Financial Behaviors, Relationship with Technology, and Expectations. In addition, you will receive 47 slides covering: future trends and statistics for the four generations; implication for recruiting and supervising the youngest generation - Millennials. It also contrasts the pros and cons of each generation and 6 important tips to more effectively communicate with each generation plus much more!

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