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Sales and Purchasing - Test yourself!
10 Questions | 612 Attempts
English, Learning, Communication
Contributed By: E-Learn Easy Net
How to buy a gift
10 Questions | 89 Attempts
Gift, purchasing, giving, English
Contributed By: Maggi Carstairs
The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 - Test A
25 Questions | 175 Attempts
sale of goods act, Sale and Purchase
Contributed By: kumar nirmal prasad
Madhavi Kantak 1 60025
20 Questions | 154 Attempts
IT & Computers: Desktop Network Troubleshooting
Contributed By: Ghanshyam
Government, Transfer Payments and National Income Test 7: AP Macroeconomics
10 Questions | 239 Attempts
Economics, Macroeconomics, National Income, National Income Basic Concepts, Transfer Payments, National Income Accounting, Government and National Income, Government, Economics AP, Macroeconomics AP, AP Macroeconomics, AP Economics, National Income Test 7
Contributed By: SoftSkills and Spoken English Courses
10 Questions | 137 Attempts
Capital Market, Finance, Financial Sector, Derivatives
Contributed By: PRANAI KUMAR
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