Free Operations Research Online Practice Tests

7 Tests found for Operations Research
MBA: Operation Research
18 Questions | 720 Attempts
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, Operations Research,Markov chains, Decision Theory, Sensitivity Analysis
Contributed By: Rakesh Kumar
Business Management: Operation research
15 Questions | 578 Attempts
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, Operations Research, Sensitivity Analysis, Duality
Contributed By: Rakesh Kumar
MBA : Operation Research and linear programming
32 Questions | 1743 Attempts
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, Operations Research, Linear Programming
Contributed By: T Singh
MBA : operations research : Transportation Problem
17 Questions | 2134 Attempts
Business management O R : basic problems
Contributed By: T Singh
MBA: Operational research
50 Questions | 922 Attempts
O R : Business mangement
Contributed By: T Singh
Management and Organisations
36 Questions | 2289 Attempts
Human Resources Management, Management, Leadership, Business, Motivation
Contributed By: Ildiko Volcz
51 Questions | 2061 Attempts
Quantitative Aptitude, Decision Making, Arithmetic, Syllogisms
Contributed By: Wiltons School of Banking And Competitions
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