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Introduction to Networking and the Internet Session 1
10 Questions | 335 Attempts
Ethernet, IP, Netwrking
Contributed By: Mark Phillips
7 Questions | 52 Attempts

Contributed By: CFTV
10 Questions | 115 Attempts
Contributed By: Virtus Bimbel Online
Geography: Major Climatic Types
15 Questions | 514 Attempts
Major Climatic Types, GEOGRAPHY, Civil Services (Prelims.), PCS, IAS, IPS, IFS
Contributed By: Vikram
General Awareness for CSE
13 Questions | 465 Attempts
Challenges to Indian Democracy, Political Science, Civil services, IAS, IPS, PCS
Contributed By: Dharm Pal
Public Administration test
15 Questions | 606 Attempts
Accountability and Control, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION , CSE, IAS, IPS
Contributed By: Mohan Kumar
General Studies: Trade & Business
13 Questions | 528 Attempts
Trade and Business,Business,General Knowledge, commerce, economics
Contributed By: Siddhant Choudhary
Trade & Business: General Studies for CSE
13 Questions | 467 Attempts
Trade and Business,Business,General Knowledge, IAS, PCS, CSE, Commerce, Economics
Contributed By: Siddhant Choudhary
Computer Netværk
15 Questions | 66 Attempts
Computer Networking, IT & Computers: Computer Networking
Contributed By: Mouhannad Diab
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