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14 Tests found for Human Anatomy
Human Anatomy
20 Questions | 298 Attempts
Anatomy, Human Anatomy, Medical Science
Contributed By: Sheetal Negi
Human Anatomy & Physiology (2)
84 Questions | 408 Attempts
Human Anatomy, Medical Science, Human Physiology
Contributed By: Kayla
Chapter 1: Introduction to Anatomy
5 Questions | 649 Attempts
Anatomy, Human Anatomy, Physiology
Contributed By: Mitchell Fischer
Anatomy and Physiology Test
12 Questions | 9877 Attempts
Physiology, Anatomy, Human Physiology
Contributed By: Natalie Fox
Human Body
5 Questions | 89 Attempts
Body Systems, Human Anatomy
Contributed By: Beenish Shahzad
Anatomy and Phisiology Test
6 Questions | 330 Attempts
Human Anatomy, Human Physiology
Contributed By: Logan Smith
Science Test - Body Parts
13 Questions | 240 Attempts
Human Body Parts - Science, Body Systems, Science, Human Anatomy
Contributed By: nilo
Human Reproductive System
6 Questions | 1183 Attempts
Male/Female Reproductive Anatomy, Physiology
Contributed By: Minhaj Tabish
Sense Organs
10 Questions | 311 Attempts
Biology, Human Anatomy
Contributed By: kanike raghavendra
Chapter 1 Quiz
26 Questions | 48 Attempts
Body Systems, Body Arts, Human Anatomy
Contributed By: Structured Learning
Practice for the term test 2
5 Questions | 32 Attempts
Body Systems, Human Anatomy
Contributed By: Lidia
Anatomy and Physiology
11 Questions | 811 Attempts
AIIMS, AIPMT, Digestion, Animal tissues, Excretion, Nervous system, Development Biology
Contributed By: Asif Mir
human digestive system
2 Questions | 298 Attempts
Digestive System
Contributed By: zxc gdn
human digestive system
12 Questions | 401 Attempts

Contributed By: zxc gdn
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