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Basic Electronics fundamentals
6 Questions | 5264 Attempts
electronics, vlsi
Contributed By: ruchi
5 Questions | 892 Attempts
Electronics, Semiconductor Devices, Metals and Semiconductors
Contributed By: bhargav
Basics of Digital Electronics
11 Questions | 2208 Attempts
Electronics, Digital Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Digital logic design
Contributed By: K Vinod Reddy
Consumer Electronics
8 Questions | 222 Attempts
Electronics, Film and Television
Contributed By: jatin Devgan
Tips on Conserving Energy: Electronics and Appliances
7 Questions | 14 Attempts
electronics, appliances, tips, energy, conservation, Energy Resources and Consumption, batteries, Energy Star
Contributed By: Dovetail
Basics of electronics
10 Questions | 1354 Attempts
Contributed By: K.Pawan Kumar
6 Questions | 351 Attempts
Contributed By: suman saurav
Basic Electronics
5 Questions | 75 Attempts
Electronics, Power Electronics and Electric Drives, Current Electricity
Contributed By: Vishakha Salve
Semiconductor Basics
42 Questions | 1289 Attempts
Contributed By: Peer tugganatti
JTO test paper
5 Questions | 757 Attempts
Contributed By: pavithra
Amplitude Modulation
5 Questions | 616 Attempts
Electronics, System, Communication, Amplitude Modulation
Contributed By: koolstud
Atomic and Subatomic Particles
10 Questions | 134 Attempts
XII CBSE, I.Sc, IIT JEE Physics, AIEEE Physics: Electron and photons
Contributed By: Kajal Sengupta
10 Questions | 312 Attempts
AIEEE Physics: Atoms molecules and nuclei,IIT JEE Physics,XII CBSE,I.SC,ELECTRONIC CONFIGURATION
Contributed By: Kajal Sengupta
Photo Electric Effect---a short test
7 Questions | 617 Attempts
AIEEE Physics: Electron and photons, IIT JEE Physics: Modern physics, XII CBSE, I.SC, PHOTO ELECTRIC EFFECT
Contributed By: Kajal Sengupta
Test 3 - Understanding Camera
10 Questions | 138 Attempts
Photography, Digital Electronics
E.M.I. & Alternating Currents IIT
6 Questions | 141 Attempts
IIT JEE Physics, power electronics, IIT JEE Physics: Electricity, AIEEE Physics: Current electricity, Current Electricity, AIEEE Physics: Current electricity
Contributed By: Anshul
Digital Circuits
15 Questions | 818 Attempts
Digital Electronics, Electrical Circuits, Circuit Theory
Contributed By: prabhas
5 Questions | 120 Attempts
Digital Electronics, Computer Science
Contributed By: Subha Jena
Test your technical Skills
12 Questions | 1159 Attempts
General Knowledge, Computer Hardware, Electronics
Contributed By: Puneet Bansal
10 Questions | 937 Attempts
Contributed By: senthil kumar
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