Free Electrical Circuits Online Practice Tests

5 Tests found for Electrical Circuits
Test on Electrical Circuits
6 Questions | 550 Attempts
Electrical Circuits
Contributed By: kanhu
Digital Circuits
15 Questions | 818 Attempts
Digital Electronics, Electrical Circuits, Circuit Theory
Contributed By: prabhas
Current Electricity for AIEEE and IIT JEE Physics
10 Questions | 967 Attempts
AIEEE Physics Current Electricity, AIEEE Physics: Current electricity
Contributed By: Kajal Sengupta
Basic Electronics
5 Questions | 74 Attempts
Electronics, Power Electronics and Electric Drives, Current Electricity
Contributed By: Vishakha Salve
Test on power and heating effect of current
10 Questions | 131 Attempts
AIEEE Physics: Current electricity, IIT JEE Physics, XII CBSE, I.SC, Current Electricity
Contributed By: Kajal Sengupta
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