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Fundamental Analysis - Practise test- NCFM
25 Questions  |  54 Attempts
Financial Accounting, Banking
Contributed By: BFSIacademy
Articles: A / An / The
30 Questions  |  31 Attempts
English, Articles
Contributed By: Ujash Mishra
70 Questions  |  25 Attempts
Contributed By: Ujash Mishra
5 Questions  |  63 Attempts
HCF and LCM, Arithmetical Reasoning, Basic Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, Measurement
Contributed By: Pramod Prakash Pratap
Question on Semiconductors
10 Questions  |  8 Attempts
Electronics and Communication, Semiconductor Devices
Contributed By: Pramod Prakash Pratap
Test on Electronic Devices and circuits
5 Questions  |  13 Attempts
Electronics, Electrical Circuits
Contributed By: Pramod Prakash Pratap
Vocabulary for the TOEFL- Are you ready? Test 3
10 Questions  |  53 Attempts
Visual reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Sentence Completion, TOEFL iBT, Writing, Vocabulary, Independent Speaking, Independent Writing, Integrated Speaking, Integrated Writing, IELTS, Short Answer Questions, English Speaking, 1st-4th grade: Reading, 11th-12th grade: English, TOEFL iBT, EFL, ESL, Verbal, Essay writing, College/Undergrad: American Literature, Recognition of words, Essay, Reading Comprehension skills, Essays, Reading Selections, Informal Speaking
Contributed By: LB Hattersley - LEIAS Educational Services
Micro Economics - Bascis
15 Questions  |  68 Attempts
Contributed By: BFSIacademy
Equity Securities
15 Questions  |  7 Attempts
Security, Equity
Contributed By: BFSIacademy
15 Questions  |  27 Attempts
Computer programming
Contributed By: Ananya
Popular Tests
Test your General Knowledge
50 Questions  |  130389 Attempts
General Knowledge, MAT, UGC, Bank PO, General Awareness
Contributed By: Sangeeta Kapoor
Test your C Programming Skills
5 Questions  |  58389 Attempts
C, C Programming, C Progrmming Online Test, C++ Test, Online Test, C Test
Contributed By: Zubair Masoodi
General APTITUDE Test (For All Comptitions)
30 Questions  |  50984 Attempts
GATE, APTITUDE, Quantitative Aptitude, Bank PO Quantitative Aptitude, Intelligence and Aptitude, GATE, CAT, IEEE, AIEEE, IES, IIT, JEE, APTI, TEST, MATH, REASIONING, ALL
Contributed By: Ravi yadav
CAT Verbal Ability Test - 1
15 Questions  |  43055 Attempts
CAT, CAT Verbal Ability, GRE Verbal, GMAT Verbal, IELTS, TOEFL iBT, Grammar, English, Languages, English Grammar
Contributed By: Online CAT Teacher
Test on Excel 2007 Basics
10 Questions  |  35351 Attempts
MS-Excel, 2007 Microsoft Office System
Contributed By: CoachExcel .
Basic English Test
40 Questions  |  32587 Attempts
Basics of Grammar, Language Learning: Basics of Grammar, English
Contributed By: Mario Gonzalez
Oracle SQL, PL/SQL Quiz
10 Questions  |  31930 Attempts
oracle real interview questions, oracle quiz, oracle sql interview, oracle pl/sql interview
Contributed By: DTecH IT Education
76 Questions  |  27362 Attempts
Contributed By: Wiltons School of Banking And Competitions
Oracle PL/SQL Online Test
17 Questions  |  26331 Attempts
Oracle PL/SQL, DBA, OCA,Oracle,OCP
Contributed By: Education For All
General knowledge: Check your knowledge on Current Affairs
50 Questions  |  26136 Attempts
General awareness, CAT
Contributed By: T Singh
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