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Technical Database Related Test
20 Questions | 814 Attempts
Databases Concepts, IT & Computers: Database Management System (DBMS)
Contributed By: Sudhir Baldaniya Software Engineer
Oracle9i Database Administration Fundamentals - 1
15 Questions | 1850 Attempts
OCA, OCP, Oracle 9i, DBA, Oracle online Tests,Oracle
Contributed By: Education For All
Programming Test
7 Questions | 209 Attempts
ASP.NET, C#, Database Management System (DBMS), .NET Framework
Contributed By: alka
Java Test
10 Questions | 5317 Attempts
java, j2ee basic, j2ee test, test papers for engineers, freshers, graduates and more here with technical / tech hr interview questions, answers, solutions and tips.
Contributed By: Roshan Kumar
Oracle9i Database Administration Fundamentals - 2
15 Questions | 646 Attempts
OCA, OCP, Oracle 9i, DBA, Oracle online Tests
Contributed By: Education For All
Online Test Oracle 9i Recovery and Backup (RMAN)
20 Questions | 2511 Attempts
RMAN,Oracle,DBA,Oracle 9i online Test,
Contributed By: Education For All
Data base basic
5 Questions | 1199 Attempts
Database test
Contributed By: rajesh mishra
SQL Test
28 Questions | 5826 Attempts
SQL, MS-SQL, Database
Contributed By: Mushtaq Naik
test on basic knowledge on database
10 Questions | 711 Attempts
Data Bases
Contributed By: vardhan sateesh
DBMS and SQL Basics
20 Questions | 3973 Attempts
Database Management System (DBMS), Structured Query Language(SQL)
Contributed By: Pruthwiraj Ghadge
5 Questions | 1177 Attempts
Teradata, Databases Concepts, IT & Computers: Data Warehousing
Contributed By: mahalakshmi
SQL Server
5 Questions | 2339 Attempts
Sql Server, Database
Contributed By: Lakhan Pal Garg
Oracle PL/SQL Online Test
17 Questions | 26849 Attempts
Oracle PL/SQL, DBA, OCA,Oracle,OCP
Contributed By: Education For All
Free Practice Test Orcale 9i Administration
20 Questions | 531 Attempts
Oracle 9i, SQL, Pl/SQL,iSQL*Plus
Contributed By: Education For All
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