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Aarohan Biotek Online Mock Test for GATE-2015 (Biotechnology)
25 Questions | 45 Attempts
CSIR UGC NET Life Sciences,CSIR UGC NET (Paper 1 - Part A),Grad/Post-Grad: Biotechnology,PTU CET Biotechnology,Biotechnology and Society
Contributed By: Aarohan Biotek
15 Questions | 1756 Attempts
Contributed By: Sankarappa A
15 Questions | 1074 Attempts
Contributed By: Sankarappa A
7 Questions | 865 Attempts
Ecology, Biotechnology, taxonomy, Botany
Contributed By: Abdul Aziz
Immunology II
15 Questions | 1416 Attempts
Immunology, Hypersensitivity, Biotechnology, CSIR UGC NET Life Sciences
Contributed By: Rajkumar
Common Entrance Test for Admission to PG -Biotechnology
20 Questions | 1250 Attempts
BiotecnologyGATE, Life sciences, CSIR, UGC, NET, BIOLOGY, question papers, solved
Contributed By: E.Anna Purna
7 Questions | 827 Attempts

Contributed By: sonu
Introduction to Nano/technology/biotechnology
5 Questions | 167 Attempts
Nanotechnology Nanobiotechnology
Contributed By: Jameel Shaik
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