Flipped Class: Ideas on how to use WizIQ

Flipped Classes
What is a flipped class? In a flipped class the teacher prepares the students, their parents, and other stakeholders for the lesson in advance. Teachers create assignments that motivate students to watch a video or connect with the content and try to learn on their own at the comfort of their homes. Learning on your own is not easy for most people. Many prefer to connect socially for learning. After the students are introduced to the material, they come to class ready to engage with the teacher and the other students on the content and beyond. Being introduced to the content in advance prepares the students for the class. The students and their parents (K-12) know what each lesson will be about. The teacher prepares the students for the classwork. The students can ask questions, engage with their class mates, and receive individualized instructions during class.

The rationale behind the flipped class is to engage learners in and out of the classroom. Here’s more about the flipped class:

Benefits of the Flipped Class

There are many benefits to flipping the class:

  1. Less stress because know what to expect.
  2. Boost confidence because can prepare for the class in advance.
  3. Parents can get involved.
  4. Teachers can be better prepared.
  5. Everyone is on the same page.
  6. Raise interest and curiosity in students.
  7. Students can make up work if absent.
  8. Students learn about taking responsibility for learning
  9. Teachers can cater to student needs.
  10. Students can receive individual attention.
  11. Students can go at their own pace.
  12. Students can become independent learners.
  13. Teachers and students can focus on the process of learning.

Flipping Classes on WizIQ
I love teaching online because technology allows me to experiment with what I do in my face-to-face classes. I decided to flip a fully online class. I flipped Learn English Online (LEO) online course. You can use WizIQ and the recordings of the live online class on WizIQ for discussions and lesson plans for the flipped class. Students can watch the recordings ahead of time in preparation for the face-to-face or the online (asynchronous and/or synchronous class). I invite other teachers to do the same. You can use WizIQ live class to create a video recording for your students and flip your face-to-face and/or a fully online class. Watch the following recordings to get an idea of how I created a flipped classroom video for my online class.

Learn How to Flip Your Class
You can learn to flip your face-to-face or fully online class on WizIQ. Join a self-paced course on how to flip your class. You will receive one-on-one mentorship on how to flip your class from Dr. Nellie Deutsch, an experienced educator and facilitator of the course.

Creating Videos in a Live WizIQ Class
You can now create video for the Flipped Class for your online course on WizIQ. The following video was created during a live online class for students of Learn English Online (LEO) for the purpose of sharing an assignment for the flipped classroom. Students will access the video before their next live online class. In addition, students will be able to ask question throughout the week before the class takes place.

Learn English Online (LEO) is suitable for teachers and students because it provides the participants with the opportunity to experience active learning.

Dr. Nellie Deutsch has a doctorate in educational leadership with a specialization in curriculum, technology, and instruction. She conducts research and writes on fully online and blended learning programs, presents online and face-to-face at conferences, and organizes professional development workshops to educators worldwide. Nellie is passionate about learning and helping others reach their goals. She has a relationship-based learner-centred approach to life and practice transformative learning. She consults, writes, and presents (face-to-face & fully online) on e-learning. She uses Moodle for her course management system and WizIQ education online to connect to colleagues and students in real time. Nellie is a faculty member of Atlantic University and the University of Phoenix, the program coordinator at the World Association for Online Education (WAOE), on the executive committee and reviewer at EdMedia, was on the steering committee for computer assisted language learning interest section (CALL-IS) at TESOL and is currently coordinator, moderator, and mentor at TESOL EVO, and on the committee IATEFL YLT SIG. She's manager, designer & lead facilitator of Moodle for Teachers (M4T) workshops at Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL). Nellie has been teaching on WizIQ since 2007. She organizes annual and MOOCs such as Moodle MOOC in November and May, Second Life MOOC in April, and Well-Being MOOC in September, online conferences such as CO09-CO14 on February, and Moodlemoot 2011-2014 in August that are sponsored by WizIQ.

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