Knowledge of Literary Terms In English Online Test

Alexander Pope was undisputed master of :-
Songs of nature
Lyrical poetry
Satiric and Didactic verse
The Pulitzer prize is awarded for :-
Film Scripts
Plays for theatre
“A Game Of Chess” is  :-
An Allegory
A Comedy
A Romance
 A Tragedy
None of the above
Thomas Love Peacock’s “Nightmare Abbey” is a:-
None of these
The “Vicar Of Wakefield” is a :-
Long poem
What is a ‘Canto’?
A recitable section of a long poem
A long poem
A short poem
Lyrical stanza
An elegy
Which is considered the “long loved mistress Rhyme”?
The Heroic Couplet
The free verse
The Rhyme Royal
The Sprung Rhythm
None of  the above
The poetry of Alexander Pope is typified by its:-
Informal outlook
Formal outlook
Lack of polish
Full of imagination
None of the above
The novels of interwar years(1918-1939)are characteristic of :-
Allusive style
Discontinuity of time
Formlessness of life
All of these four
“Thyrsis” and “ The scholar gypsy” are Mathew Arnolds :-
Narrative poems
Pastoral elegies
Dramatic monologues
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To evaluate any work of English and critically comment on it, certain language devices are used. These devices help in Verbal Analysis and noting the development of meaning taking place as the words progress. This test has been designed to check the reader’s level of familiarity with these literary terms which will help him in his understanding of the English Language. The knowledge of such terms is the prerequisite for AP students of English Language and Composition. This short test is prepared in the multiple choice format, specially designed for students taking AP test in English Language and Composition.


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