rabbit physiology --- reproductive system Online Test

The inner part of the theca and granulosa cells of the developing follicle secrete

According to Kent the egg of rabbit is

In rabbit the morula develops into

The following are true in the pair

1-- menorrhagia --------excessive menstruation

2--dysmennorrhea ----painful menstruation

3--amenorrhea---------absence of menustration

4--hernia ---------------tearing of the inguinal tissue resulting in the bulging out odf the loop of intestine into the scortum

The sperms attains maturity and motility in

In rabbit the epididymis is made of

clitoris in female rabbit is homologus to

The expanded proximal part of te ovoduct in the female rabbit is known as

development of the egg without fertilization is called

In most of the mammals the testis are extra abdominal in position ( in the srotal sacs ) as------

During copulation the structure which receives the sperms of male is in female rabbit

The tip of penis is covered with loose skin is called as _____and tip is called ______ respectively

The dorsal diverticulum of the neck of urethra is caaled

Tunica albuginea of the testis project in to the as

All the seminiferous tubules of testis open in to

Urethra passes via this column of muscles of penis of rabbit

The blood spaces in the corpora cavernosa in the penis is filled with blood during

The secretion of these glands gives the characteristic smell to rabbit

Each graffian follicle contains

The epithelium which covers the ovary of rabbit is

number of uterus in rabbit is

Hysterectomy is

Orchidectomy is

The female rabbit is a

The abdominal passage which is posteriorly connected to te scrotal sac by an elastic cord is called

In the testis of rabbit , the hormone secreting cells are

The Bidder's canal is used for the passage of

The seminal vesicle or the uterrus masculinus in rabbit is found at the junction of

In female rabbit , the Bertholin's gland opens into the


this test is in reproductive system of rabbit for the +2 level


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