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A capacitor is charged by using a battery which is then disconnected. A dielectric slab is then slipped between the plates, which results in ____.
None of the above
decrease in the potential difference across the plates, reduction in the stored energy, but no change in the charge on the plates
increase in the potential difference across the plate, reduction in stored energy, but no change in the charge on the plates
reduction of charge on the plates and increase of potential difference across the plates
The energy of a charged capacitor is given by the expression (= charge on the conductor and C = its capacity) ____.
The insulated spheres of radii  and  having charges and  respectively are connected to each other. There is ____.
always a decrease in the energy of the system
an increase in the energy of the system
no change in the energy of the system
Which one statement is correct? A parallel plate air condenser is connected with a battery. Its charge, potential, electric field and energy are and respectively. In order to fill the complete space between the plates a dielectric slab is inserted, the battery is still connected. Now the corresponding values andare in relation with the initially stated as ____.
In a charged capacitor, the energy resides ____.
around the edge of the capacitor plates
the field between the plates
both the positive and negative charges
the positive charges
The energy stored in a condenser of capacity  which has been raised to a potential is given by ____.
If two conducting spheres are separately charged and then brought in contact ____.
the final potential is always the mean of the original potentials of the two spheres
both the total energy and charge are conserved
the total charge on the two spheres is conserved
the total energy of the two spheres is conserved
Two insulated charged spheres of radii  and respectively and having an equal charge  are connected by a copper wire, then they are separated ____.

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