science test for class 6

fishes have fins and tail to

which of theese materials attract to magnet

what is rectilinear propogatn of light

ifa object allows light to pass through it but not allows to see properly the object is

_____________ is most essntial for life


Ahmar Faraz

this test is really awsome

112 days 8 hours 11 minutes ago

Sohaib Ashiq

ma'm excellent job thanks for this. :)

242 days 19 hours 16 minutes ago


the quiz is very useful for my studies.
thank u very much ma'm.

254 days 9 hours 13 minutes ago

mvsk mounica

its nice

1314 days 21 hours 29 minutes ago

simar syan

nice test

1491 days 15 hours 23 minutes ago


give some comments

1723 days 6 hours 33 minutes ago

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