Math Test/Quiz/Exam for Grades 7 and 8

Sarah is twice as old as Susan and Ben is four years younger to Sarah. If Susan was y years old, then what is Ben’s age in terms of y?

An architect changes the floor plan of a room. He increases the length of the rectangular floor to times its original length (l) and increases its width (w) by 6 feet. Which of the following equations gives the area of the new floor in terms of l and w?

Holly made a picture frame for her art class as shown below.

She had 96 inches of wood to make the picture frame and she used it completely. The length of the big piece (W) is three times the length of the small piece (L). What is the length of W in inches that Holly used to make the picture frame?

A showroom dealer bought two television sets for a total of $9,000 not including tax. He sold the first set making a profit of 30%. The second was sold at a loss of 10%. If he made a total profit of $1,100 from these two transactions, which of the following will be the original price in dollars at which he bought the first television set, not including tax?

A bus and a car start at the same point and travel a distance of 18 miles. The bus takes 25 minutes longer than the car to reach the destination. The speed of the bus is x miles per hour. Which of the following equations represents the time( t) taken by the car to travel 18 miles?

The age of the contestants of a cross country race was plotted as a cumulative frequency curve as shown below:

Which of the following statements are true?

P = {x / x is a natural number less than 20}, Q = {x / x is an even number less than 20} and Z = {x / x is a perfect square less than 20}, what is the union of these three sets?

Every morning Zooey jogs three times around the boundary of a triangular field shown below.

The length of ABis 2x-3y yards and the length of AC is 4x+7y yards. If the total distance she jogs every day is 9x+15y yards, what is the length (in yards) of BC?


This is a small collection of Math questions that I prepared for students in Grades 7 and 8. The earlier questions are quite easy; however the later ones can be challenging. This is only a sample - I can prepare such questions and send them to you by email. We can discuss modes of payment, if you're interested.


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Poosanavel Manikandan

3600 soldiers are asked to stand in different rows such that every row has
as many soldiers as th
ere are rows. Find the number of rows formed. Please help me to solve this

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its simple

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Liza Harridge

it is very easy ...

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this is really difficult, could give the description of the questions

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Ger Train

wow.... that was tough! are you a math teacher? or did u make up these questions?

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adam niu

this is easy!!!! and im in grade 6!!

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if u could can u plz give a description of the correct that it may be more clear.

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what is that thats not for 8th grade huh

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good questions....liked it..

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Not clear what you are interested in knowing.

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