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The study of individual decisions made in the context of a system of moral standards or rules of conduct is known as which of the following?
Individual rights
Social responsibility
Which of the following statement is true?
Today, women earn equal that of men
The glass ceiling has resulted in women making more money than they otherwise would have
U.S. companies have abolished diversity initiatives because of the widespread criticism that they perpetuate stereotypes and myths about minorities.
Affirmative action efforts have not been entirely successful in ensuring that more minorities are hired because negative attitudes about differences among individuals persist.
Which of the following statement is true?
Job discrimination has not had an significant impact on the distribution of income in the United States based on race or gender
The EEOC is responsible for monitoring the hiring practices of companies and for investigating complaints of job-related discrimination
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 significantly reduced the powers of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Job discrimination is no longer considered to be a social problem in the United States.
Which of the following statement is false?
The three major kinds of pollution are air, water, and land pollution
Sometimes costs of production, and therefore prices, are higher when businesses take the steps necessary to pollute less
Government laws and regulations designed to prevent pollution have in practice only made pollution worse
Socially responsible business behavior is a concept that dates back to at least the latter 1800s
Which of the following statement is true?
Rarely do businesses profit from socially responsible behavior.
The idea that business has certain obligations to society beyond the pursuit of profits faded in the 1960s
The only real stakeholder to a company is investors
One way companies can evaluate their ethical standards is by conducting a social audit
Which of the following is a philosophical approach to resolving ethical questions in business?
All of the above
The application of the concept of utilitarianism
To uphold the importance of individual rights
The application of religious principles
Ethical relativism:
Requires that the individual make his own decision based on her own sense of right and wrong.
Requires that the decision-maker consider what is best for society
Requires the decision-maker to make a decision on the basis of an external source, like the Bible
Requires the decision-maker to be independent and under a “veil of ignorance”
The theory of social responsibility that says a corporation’s duty is to make a profit while avoiding harm to others is:
Moral minimum
Stakeholder’s interest
Maximizing profit
Corporate citizenship
The theory of social responsibility that says that the corporation must consider the effects of its action on persons other than its stockholders is:
The corporate citizenship theory
The stakeholder theory
The moral minimum theory
The maximizing profit theory
The theory of social responsibility that says that the corporation has a responsibility to do good is:
The moral minimum theory
The maximizing profits theory
The corporate citizenship theory
The stakeholder theory
The only social responsibility theory that advocates looking out for only the corporation’s own interests and good is:
The moral minimum theory
The maximizing profits theory
The stakeholders theory
The corporate citizenship theory
All of the major theories of ethics except one impose some sort of external standard on the ethical decision-making process. Which theory does not?
Kantian ethics
Ethical fundamentalism
Ethical relativism
Rawls’ social justice theory
Which is NOT a theory of the social responsibility of business?
Maximising profit
World citizenship
Stakeholder interest
Moral minimum
Rawls’ Social Justice Theory is based on which of the following principles?
Ethical relativism
Fundamental ethics
Distributive justice
Utilitarianism calls for human being to choose the action or follow the rule that provides the greatest good to society. Which statement is NOT true about utilitarianism?
This theory was put forward by John Stuart Mills and Jeremy Bentham in the 18th and 19th centuries
This theory treats morality as if it were an impersonal mathematical equation
It is easy to determine the greatest morality as if it were an impersonal mathematical equation
The greatest good does not mean the greatest good for the greatest number of people
Kant’s theory of duty ethics does NOT include which of the following?
Kant’s theory has people behaving according to general principles called categorical imperatives
Kant’s categorical imperatives are easy to determine since they are well known sayings like “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
Kant’s theory is based on the premise that man can use reasoning to reach ethical decisions.
Universal rules which are based on the principles of reversibility and consistency
Which statement is true about ethical fundamentalism?
This form of ethical theory would never permit the law to be unjust
Ethical fundamentalism gives the individual broad latitude in determining right and wrong for himself
Taken to an extreme, the results will always be ethical under most moral theories, foe example “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” will be accepted as just in most moral theories
A person looks to an outside source for ethical rules or commands, such as the bible, the Koran, or such a person as Marx or Lenin
________ are formalized rules and standards that describe what the company expects of its employees in terms of ethical behaviour.
Codes of conduct
Codes of ethics
Ethics clauses
Job descriptions
A business that allows a condition or potential problem to go unresolved until the public learns about it is using the ______ strategy.
Ethics are defined by:
Sandra, a new salesperson for Brenham Foods calls in an order for twice the amount of merchandise that Corner Market requested because she knows that it will increase her sales and will not be noticed by Corner market. This relates to _____ as an influence in ethical decision-making.
External rewards
Significant others
If Tyreco failed to inform consumers that there were design problems with the firm’s tyres, it would have been engaged in unethical behaviour relating to which one of the following marketing issue areas?
Organizational relationships
Which one of the following activities will NOT help improve the ethical behaviour of a marketing firm?
Eliminate “bad apples: in the firm
Establish and enforce a code of ethics
Reward employees who use questionable business tactics
Redesign the company’s culture to foster more ethical practices
Help employees become aware of and sensitive toward ethical issues
Which one of the following would be consistent with Johnson Chemicals’ understanding of the “bad apple” concept of improving the ethical conduct of salespeople?
Using customers to review ethical guidelines
Retraining unethical salespeople
Firing unethical salespeople
Publishing ethical guidelines for salespeople
________ refers to the development. Pricing, promotion and distribution of products that do not harm the environment.
Green marketing
Environmental marketing
Social responsibility
Marketing ethics
If Happy Bags expresses concern that its products are having too great an impact on the pollution of ground water under landfills, this concern is directly related to the firm’s:
Distribution system
Marketing orientation
Social responsibility
All of the following are social responsibility issues related to the environment, or green marketing, EXCEPT;
Safety and health
Land pollution
Air pollution
Water pollution
Which of the following statements about social responsibility is FALSE? Social responsibility:
Relates to individual decisions
Is a vital factor in marketing strategy decisions
Is a company’s obligation to maximize its positive impact and minimize its negative impact on society
Can be viewed as a contract with society
Which of these refers to the code of moral principles and values that govern behaviours with respect to what is right and wrong?
Free domain
Social responsibility
Discretionary responsibility
Codified law
Ethics deals with ______ values that are a part of corporate culture and shapes decisions concerning social responsibility with respect to the ___________ environment.
A new drug has not been approved by the FDA to sell in the U.S. because further testing is needed. The company has a chance to sell its product in another country immediately to start recovering the costs of R&D and production three years ahead of time. This example places the decision in which of the categories from the text?
The legal domain
The protective domain
The domain of free choice.
The ethical domain
The individual who must make an ethical choice in an organization is called
An authoritarian manager
The moral agent
The defensive individual
An obstructive manager
The symbolic leader
Ahmed is a manager at No-waste Corporation. He is faced with an interesting problem. One of his employees has been cheating the company out of expense money. Ahmad must decide whether or not to fire this employee. In this role, Ahmad is acting as
An obstructive manager
An authoritarian leader
A symbolic leader
An ethical theorist
A moral agent
The ethical concept that moral behaviours produce the greatest good for the greatest number is called the ______ approach.
Better boats, Inc. decided to continue operations at one plant while shutting down other. The decision was justified on the basis of what was the best for the total corporation. This is an example of the
Illegal approach
Justice approach
Moral-justice approach
Individualism approach
Utilitarian approach
The ________ ethic was the basis for the state of Oregon’s decision to extend Medicaid to 400,000 previously ineligible recipients by refusing to pay for high-cost, high-risk procedures.
Which of these refers to the ethical concept that moral decisions are those that best maintain the rights of those people affected by them?
Discretionary responsibility approach
Moral-rights approach
Utilitarian approach
Justice approach
Individualism approach
Which of the following is NOT one of the moral rights that could be considered during decision making?
The right to life and safety
The right of freedom of conscience
The right to free speech
The right to invade privacy
The right to free consent
Sexual harassment is unethical because it violates an important part of which approach to ethical behavior?
The defensive approach
The moral-rights approach
The justice approach
The individualism approach
The utilitarian approach
The ethical decision approach that requires persons to be guided by standards of equity, fairness and impartiality is the
Discretionary approach
Justice approach
Utilitarian approach
Individualism approach
Moral-rights approach
The justice approach is closest to the thinking underlying the domain of __________
Discretionary responsibility
Free choice
Social responsibility
Most people have learned to conform to expectations of good behavior expected by colleagues, family. Friends and society. They are in what stage of moral development?
The preconventional stage of moral development is best illustrated by which of these?
All of the above
What am I going to get from making this decision?
I know this is not right, and I will not do it, even if everyone else is.
What would my boss think if I did this?
Everybody else is doing it, so it must be okay
The great majority of managers operate at the
Preconventional level
Autocratic level
Postconventional level
Conventional level
Principled level
The obligation of organization management to make decisions and take actions that will enhance the welfare and interests of society as well as the organization is referred to as
None of the above
Economic responsibility
Discretionary responsibility
Social responsibility
Organizational responsibility
Which of these is true about the policy a bank adopts toward its investing of depositors Money?
All of the above
It would represent its personal state of Moral development
It has no ethical implications
It is important only to the community
It is an expression of its philosophy of social responsibility
Primary stakeholders of an organization include
All of the above
Investors and shareholders
All of the following are examples of special interest groups EXCEPT
Political action committees
Trade associations
Professional associations
In the distinction between law and ethics, which one of these statements is NOT true?
Although much of the law is based on ethical standards, not all ethical standards have been enacted as law
The law establishes a minimum degree of conduct expected by persons and businesses in society. Ethics demands more
The law may always demand more than mere ethical standards require; thus, businesspersons must always follow the law rather than ethical requirements
The law may permit something that is ethically wrong
Which of the following is NOT one of the major theories of ethics by which behavior is measured?
Scalia’s principles of neutral justice
Kantian ethics
Ethical fundamentalism

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The ____ ethic was the basis for the state of Oregon's decision to extend Medicaid to 400,000 previously ineligible recipients by refusing to pay for high-cost, high-risk procedures.

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