Simple Harmonic Motion Test

The bob of a simple pendulum of mass m and total energy E will have maximum linear momentum equal to ____.
The length of the second pendulum on the surface of earth is 1 m. The length of seconds pendulum on the surface of moon, where g is value of g on the surface of earth, is ____.
36 m
6 m
If the length of second's pendulum is decreased by 2 %, how many seconds it will lose per day ____.
864 s
3427 s
3727 s
3927 s
The period of simple pendulum is measured as T in a stationary lift. If the lift moves upwards with an acceleration of 5 g, the period is ____.
None of the above
decreased by 2 / 3 times
increased by 3 / 5
the same
The length of a simple pendulum is increased by 1%. Its time period will ____.
increase by 2 %
decrease by 0.5 %
increase by 0.5 %
increase by 1 %
A simple pendulum with a bob of mass ‘m’ oscillates from A to C and back to A such that PB is H. If the acceleration due to gravity is ‘g’, then the velocity of the bob as it passes through B is ____.
Identify correct statement among the following ____.
the fractional change in the time period of a pendulum on changing the temperature is independent of the length of the pendulum
as the length of a simple pendulum is increased, the maximum velocity of its bob during its oscillation will also decreases
the greater the mass of a pendulum bob, the shorter is its frequency of oscillation
The bob of a pendulum of length l is pulled aside from its equilibrium position through an angle  and then released. The bob will then pass through its equilibrium position with a speed v, where v equals ____.
A simple pendulum executing S.H.M. is falling freely along with the support. Then ____.
None of the above
it does not oscillate at all
its periodic time increases
its periodic time decreases
A pendulum bob has a speed of 3 m/s at its lowest position. The pendulum is 0.5 m long. The speed of the bob, when the length makes an angle of  to the vertical, is (If ) ____.
The time period of a simple pendulum is 2 s. If its length is increased 4 times, then its period becomes ____.
4 s
8 s
12 s
16 s
If the metal bob of a simple pendulum is replaced by a wooden bob, then its time period will ____.
first increase then decrease
remain the same
In a simple pendulum, the period of oscillation T is related to length of the pendulum l as ____.
A pendulum has time period T. If it is taken on to another planet having acceleration due to gravity half and mass 9 times that of the earth then its time period on the other planet is ____.
A simple pendulum is executing simple harmonic motion with a time period T. If the length of the pendulum is increased by 21%, the percentage increase in the time period of the pendulum of increased length is ____.
50 %
30 %
21 %
10 %
If the length of simple pendulum is increased by 300 %, then the time period is increased by ____.
400 %
300 %
200 %
100 %
The length of a second’s pendulum is ____.
None of the above
100 cm
99 cm
99.8 cm
The time period of a simple pendulum in a lift descending with constant acceleration g is ____.

A plate oscillated with time period ‘T’. Suddenly, another plate put on the first plate, then time period ____.
None of the above
is same
will increase
will decrease

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