National Science Olympiad, Class-3 Online Test

Wheat and rice are called

Which of the following statement is not correct?

Lactometer is used to measure ________________.

The ___________________ is the never ending movement of water between Earth’s surface and the atmosphere.

Which has the greatest solubility in water?

The tadpole looks very different from its parent. Which of the animal shown below also have young one that look different from its parent?

Which of the following things can grow?

We eat the root of which of the following plant?

Coffee is taken as a beverage. From which part of plant we get coffee?

Plants with weak stems are called herbs. Which of the following plant is herb?


This is a multiple choice based science test for class 3 students. This will be helpful for class 3 students preparing for the national science olympiad. The test is comprising of 10 multiple choice questions. There is only one correct answer for each question. There is no time restriction for this test.


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