English Test on Prepositions for TOEFL-iBT

A seashell is a protective outer layer ___ the body ___ a marine organism.
of, at
on, of
at, on
on, at
It was amazing to see this flightless bird _______ a waddling gait _____ land, fly so gracefully underwater effectively using its wings and flexible body.
with, on
with, at
of, on
of, at
Climbers use a system __ ropes __ protect themselves __ such hazards
of, to, from
from, to, for
of, for, of
for, for, for
Proponents ___ organic food say that it is more nutritious, safer ___ eat, and tastes better.
for, to
of, to
in, to
in, of
___ the Roman era, striking and important dreams were submitted ___ the Senate ___ analysis and interpretation.
with, of, to
in, for, with
with, in, to
in, to, for
Blind people also dream, not ___ images, their dreams center ____ the other senses of sound, smell and the tactile sensation.
in, around
on, over
over, over
about, around
Shelf Life is the time ____ which a perishable item like food, medicine or a drink is considered suitable ____ sale or consumption.
of, for
of, to
to, to
for, for
While the expiration date ___ a packed perishable item gives indication ___ the food safety, the Shelf Life concentrates ___ food quality.
on, of, on
on, for, of
in, for, on
of, of, of
Seashells are found ___ the detritus deposited ___ beaches ___ waves and tides.
by, on, on
in, on, by
on, on, in
in, in, in
Factors influencing the Shelf Life ___ a product include transmission ___ gases, exposure ___ heat and light as well as contamination ___ micro-organisms.
by, for, to, in
on, to, on, for
of, in, of, of
of, of, to, by

Prepositions are very important for framing grammatically correct answers. The English Test on Prepositions for TOEFL-iBT, helps you understand the minute differences between “in”, “on”, “for”, “of”, “to”, “by” and many others. You’ll realize that even if one wrong preposition goes wrong, the meaning of the sentence changes completely. Be it TOEFL-iBT Reading, Listening, Speaking or Writing Module, you’ll notice how directly or indirectly you are tested on Prepositions. Take this English Vocabulary Test for TOEFL-iBT and check your scores.


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10 out of 10 :)

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9 out of 10

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got 6 of ten

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got 7 correctly :D

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what a headache and i am native speaker, good test, i did not think they make this hard for foreign student to learn their grammer so fucking welll.

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A though and tricky grammar aspect to manage for EFL learners.

1146 days 14 hours 18 minutes ago

delhi ganesh.m

hai everyone one and all

all the best for all

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Englishteacher Namrata Arora

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Nuris Imamiyah

this is cool.. :) thank u.. i've check the answers..

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