Microbiology I Online Test

Penicilin inhibits cell wall synthesis, where as chloramphenicol inhibits

Syntrophy is

Idiophase is

Those killed by the presence of molecular oxygen are referred as

Microbes which have an optimal growth temperature below 15 degree centrigrade are called

The pH of interior side of a lysosome is

The majority of endoplasmic reticulum resident proteins are retained in the endoplasmic reticulum through a retention motif like KDEL which is composed of

The vesicles shuttle proteins which control protein transport between RER and the Golgi apparatus are

AGA codes for Arginine. What it will code when it is present in Yeast mitochondria?

Nuclear localization signal (NLS) is

Cell wall proteins are characterized by having an abundance of the amino acid like

A common polysaccharide in the cell walls of brown algae is

Two medically important bacterial genera theat produce endospores

All are bacterial store food except

Epiosomes are formed when

Mesosome is

Penicillin works on bacterial cells, but not on human cells because it targets

The cell walls of Staphylococcus aureus are resistant to the action of lysozyme because

The main components of peptidoglycan are

One exmple of Sarcinae type bacteria is


MCQ Test for the students who are preparing for GATE (Botechnology and Life Sciences) and CSIR-NET (Life Sciences). this test will help you a lot in understanding the question patterns and answers. Try your best to solve these questions. All the best for your exam.

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