Basic Computer Online Test

Gutter Margin is _____ in Ms Word.

Status Bar in Ms Word shows the Total words typed in that Document.

Minimum Margin for the All sides is?

By Default Gridlines are not Print in Ms Word.

Footnote is given under the Last Page of the File.

Can we give Page Border in Ms Word?

What is the use of Track Changes in Ms Word?

In Ms Word Macro is Used for.......

In Ms Word we can Create same latter or mail etc. to many pepole with different address. This option Called?

In Ms word by default setting of Line spacing is?

A4 paper size according to Ms office is?

Extension of Ms Power Point is?

How many Rows in a single sheet of Ms Excel 2007?

By default Name of Ms Word file?

Short Cut key for Page Braek in Ms Word?

Ctrl + U is the Shortcut key for _____

To Increase size font size from the Keyboard we use _____

How many charactors can come in a single cell of Ms Excel?

A red line under any text in Ms Word shows.........

In ms Excel how many coloumn in a single sheet?


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