Ms Office 2007 Online Test

40) Which object is used to create a form?

39) Which is the valid data type in Access?

38) ________________ stores and organize data in a database?

37) A primary key is a ______________.

36) Number of characters it can hold is considered as ____________

What is the file extension of a PowerPoint Slide show?

34) How can you stop a slide show?

33) Which PowerPoint feature adds special effects to modify the appearance of the slides and the timing between each slide?

32) Which key on the keyboard can be used to view Slide show?

31) To insert new slide in the current Presentation, we can choose:

30) Animation Schemes can be applied to ________ in the presentation.

29) After choosing a predefined template, which option has to be chosen to change the background color?

28) The arrangement of elements such as Title and subtitle text, pictures, tables etc. is called

27) How can the slide show be repeated continuously?

26) In order to perform a calculation in a spreadsheet, you need to use a:

25) How many default worksheets can a workbook have?

24) How do you display current date and time in MS Excel?

23) Which Chart type can be created in Excel?

22) If you want to have a blank line after the title in a worksheet, what is the best thing for you to do?

21) In order to arrange the countries from those with the highest population to those with the lowest, you need to sort on the population field in ……………

20) The first cell in EXCEL worksheet is labeled as

19) If you want all of the white cats grouped together in the spreadsheet, you need to sort by

18) What does = COUNTA () function do?

17) How do you display current date only in MS Excel?

16) Excel displays the current cell address in the ……….

15) Microsoft Excel is a powerful………..

14) Which key do you press to check spelling?

13) Portrait and Landscape are

12) What is gutter margin?

11) Which would you choose to save a document with a new name?

10) Which enables us to send the same letter to different persons?

9) Which key deletes the character to the left of the cursor?

8) In MS Word, Ctrl+S is for …..

7) Which feature do you use to create a newspaper like document?

6) Which of the following are word processing software?

05). Accidently you happened to make a mistake while working with your document. What short-Cut key you will use to reverse the action?

04). By default, on which page the header or the footer is Printed

03). Ms -Word automatically moves the text to the next line when it eaches the right edge of the screen and is called?

02). In MS-Word ,For What dose ruler help?

01). Which key should be Pressed to start a new paragraph in MSWord?


This is Test For ICDL & Office Courses, This Publish By Mr. Thushan C. Munasinghe For Esoft Computer Studies (PVT) Ltd.

This is a multiple choice test.
Click the Start Test button below to start.
A question and the possible answer choices appear. Select the choice you find to be the correct answer of the question. Clicking on a choice saves it as your answer for the question.
Use Next and Back buttons to move on to the next or previous question in the test.
There is no negative marking for wrong choices selected.
After you finish the test, click on the End Test button to submit your test and see your scorecard.
You can review your answer also.



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