English Grammar Test on Verbals (Infinitive/Participle/Gerund)

By mowing the neighbors’ lawns, Jack earns money for college.

Nancy has her work to do, and she does it without complaining.

Singing and whistling are antidotes to worrying.

The refugees came to this country to find freedom.

The tanker exploded in the harbor, injuring many men.

The chapter on writing gave the students many helpful suggestions to follow.

Learning to identify birds is not really difficult.

Having broken all speed records, these jets are being sought by the commercial airlines.

By adding a second speaker, you can get a stereo effect.

A favorite sport of earthling is shooting at the moon.

His occupation, testing jet planes, is quite hazardous.

Taking sonar soundings enables scientists to determine the depth of the ocean.

His method of investing every dollar made him wealthy.

You start the dishwasher by simply pushing this button.

The law forbids parking a car near a fire hydrant.

A rereading of the book will surely convince you.

Listening to her endless talk drives me mad.

Mr. King enjoys his hobby, collecting and repairing old clocks.

The tourists were reprimanded for taking pictures of the garden.

No one could have accused my father of sparing the rod.

The secretary’s duties are recording the minutes and sending notices to club members.

Postponing a dreaded job only makes it more difficult.

Repulsed in New York, Washington led his dwindling forces across New Jersey.

Having forgotten her lines, Barbara rushed offstage.

The snow, having lain on the ground for months, melted swiftly in the warm sunshine.

Approaching the city, we saw the skyscrapers etched against the sky.

We saw Alps, looming above us and covered with snow.

Mary Hays, better known as Molly Pitcher, was a heroine of the Revolutionary War.

Flowers grown in a greenhouse wilt sooner than those grown in a garden.

These houses, built before 1900, are still sturdy.

Running and leaping, the fawn crashed into the woods.

A large crowd heard the evidence presented by the prosecution.

Having broken her ankle, Eleanor missed the dance.

Stung by his critics, the mayor called a press conference.

Utterly bewildered, the new employee sought aid from her supervisor.

The magazines lying on the table were back numbers.

It is lightning’s tendency to seek out the best path offered that makes the lightning rod works.

The moon’s apparent functions are to provide moonlight for the romanticists and a target for the rocketeers.

To redecorate this room will require time and money.

The best way to revive a person is to blow your breath into his lungs.

"Victory in the Dust Bowl" is about a farmer’s battle to save his farm.

Joe is working hard to earn money for college expenses.

We have decided that this is the house to buy.

To override a Presidential veto requires a two-thirds vote of both Houses.

Halle’s has advertised a sale to begin in January.

The speaker was simply impossible to hear.

The nurse is ready to call the doctor.

Jane Brier has gone to Juilliard to study harmony.

The students have decided to present The Magic Flute.

The Juilliard School is planning to produce an opera.


A comprehensive English Grammar Test on Verbals (Infinitive/Participle/Gerund). There are a number of highly useful words in English that are difficult to classify as parts of speech. These are infinitives, participles, and gerunds. They are called verbals because all of them are formed from verbs. Like verbs they may all be modified by adverbs.
However, each of the verbals has other characteristics. The infinitive may be used as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb. The gerund is used as a noun. The participle is used as an adjective.

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