All about Pollution Online Test

The introduction of contaminats into an environment that causes instability and discomfort.

Identify the right meaning of the acronym DDT?

A major forms of pollution that release of a chemicals and particulates into the atmosphere?

All except one, is an example of a Volatile organic compounds.

What kind of a gas that destroy the stratospheric ozone layer?

All except one are the important pollutant particulates(mostyl from combustion sourcers).

It is a kind of Anthropogenic sources except one.

What kind of a gas that removed from tha air by rain and fertilise land which can change the species composition of ecosystem?

It is a form of pollution that refer to the presence of overhead power lines,motor way billboards and etc.

It is the elements pf pollution that can be foreign substance or energies.


The learners will be able to identify pollution which is the introduction of contaminants into an environment that causes instability,disorder,harm or discomfort to the ecosystem,physical system or living organisms.It consist a lot of sources in our environment which are the anthropogenic sources and natural sources.The pollution also has a pollutant which is the element,it can be foreign substance or energies. Those pollutant has important gases that particulates in our environment.


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