Tally ERP.9 Online Test

If you paid Telephone bill Exp of current Fi. year in next Fi year so which entry will be passed in this year ?

If you paid insurance Exp Rs.8930 for one year in month of Jan so What is your Pre Paid Insurance Amount will be Debited ?

Cash-in-hand is the Ledger of ___________________ Sub Group ?

If Your Opening Stock = 1432 Purchase A/c = 2634 Indirect Exp = 244 Sale Account = 5687 Closeing Stock = 784

Direct Exp = 19

So What is Your Gross Profit ? (GP)

If Your Gross Profit = 1545632 & Indirect Expenses = 756890 Indirect Income = 3450

So What is Your Net Profit ?

If you have Cash Credit A/c in State Bank of India

so Which Group you will be Choose for Creating a Ledger ?

If you have Cash Credit A/c in State Bank of India

Opening Balance of Bank is = 192563 Cr

then withdrawal Rs 15362 & deposite Chq of Rs. 26343

Chq is is Cleared same day Clearing Charges is Rs. 24

So What is the Closeing Balance of A/c ?


This is a Tally ERP.9 Test It will be learn basic entries & lot's more
Tally is not only a mathematical sheet it is balance between the two account when first account debited then also another account it ill be credited .



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