Class X MCQ trigonometry Online Test

1) If cos A =4/5, then the value of tan A is

If sin A =1/2, then the value of cot A is

The value of the expression [cosec (75 + ?) – sec(15 - ?) – tan(55 + ?) + cot(35 - ?)] is

If cos( A + B)=0 then sin (A-B ) is equal to

The value of tan 10 tan 20tan 30….. tan890 is

If cos 9A =sin A and 9A < 900, then the value of tan 5A is

If ?ABC is right angled at C, then the value of cos(A+ B) is

7) If sin A + sin 2A =1, then the value of cos 2A +cos 4A is

Given that sin A = ½ and cos B = 1/2 , then the value of (A + B) is

If 4 tan A =3 then the value of (4 sin A - cos A)/(4 sin A+cos A) is


This is the MCQ based class X trigonometry test. Its a multiple choice question CCE based CBSE board for all the students of classs X. Trigonometry is a simple lesson that students love to learn. There are four option out of which 1 is correct. You have to choose the correct one.



this is very useful for me. this gives me to improve trigonometry

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come on where is the end test button ?

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