Anatomy and Physiology Test

What is the longest muscle in the body?

what superficial, powerful muscle is found on the lower posterior leg?

What is an aponeurosis?

What is the role of the nucleus in a cell?

The axial skeleton is...

Where does oxygen diffuse into the bloodstream?

The central nervous system is comprised of ...

What are the three types of muscle tissue?

What isthe final stage in the digestive process?

Define respiration...

How many layers are there in the epidermis?

What is a nerve cell called?


Test your knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology! This is a short multiple choice question test. Some of these questions are from the course Anatomy and Physiology for Absolute Beginners and some are just for fun! 30 mins to complete, good luck everybody!


Suman Chandra Thakur

how many bone in child

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Natalie Fox
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