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India's First Arch Dam?

Who is known as : Golden hirl of India?

First Shipyard in India

Find the odd man

Find the odd man

Justice Sha Committe was related to

Find the odd one.....

Post Office was a book written By

Gate Way of Rajastan.........

Who was known as " Kathalmannam "

School Capital India...............

Disease:Pathology :: Planet :

Gun : Bullet :: Chimminey :

When Water freezes, its volume

Epsom Salt

The study of correct pronounciation

UN university is in

Interpol established in

Meghalaya belongs to which postal zone

Hubli is the headquarters of



Very Nice. please send this type of more question-set

1118 days 11 hours 24 minutes ago


hi sir
its was too good
and very excellent questions keep it up

1132 days 20 hours 24 minutes ago

Surjith Sudhakaran

kollam....adipoli questions

1135 days 15 hours 44 minutes ago


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