What is the format in which a report specification is saved in Cognos connection?

Which of the below is not a prompt type in Report studio?

In a Report Studio report, which of the following properties must be set, to add white space around text within a block?

In Report Studio, where can an author modify a global class to apply a change to all objects that use that class?

In Report Studio, which chart lets the report author plot a third measure?

In Report Studio, an author wants to add a calculation created in the package to the report. On which of the following tabs is this item available?

In Report Studio, an author create a list report and add four data items. The author then adds a crosstab to the report. Which of the following is true?

In Report Studio, an author wants to ensure detailed report data is summarized using the default aggregation specified in the package. Which of the following is true?

In Report Studio when should authors use a generated prompts?

An author want to create a report that displays certain list columns depending on the user's prompts selection. What property of the list column must the author define to create this variable?


A few basic questions on Cognos 8 BI. To test the knowledge before appearing for IBM certification, COG-112.


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