Pointer in C Basic question. Online Test

(8) A pointer is

(7) If a variable is a pointer to a structure, then which of the following operator is used to access data members of the structure through the pointer variable?

(6) What would be the equivalent pointer expression for referring the array element a[i][j][k][l]

(5) The operator used to get value at address stored in a pointer variable is

(4) How many bytes are occupied by near, far and huge pointers (DOS)?

(3) In which header file is the NULL macro defined?

(2) Can you combine the following two statements into one?

char *p;

p = (char*) malloc(100);

(1) What is (void*)0?


This test is the basic question of Pointer in C. It will beneficial in future reference. There is nothing any time limit. So don't worry , and attend the test very carefully. And there a multiple type question. So i hope most of people attend my test, This is my first test i shared on WiziQ. Specially thanks wiziQ members and Owner.


Sarthak Kumar Sahu

There is nothing new in this questions as this copied directly from indiabix.com

307 days 15 hours 43 minutes ago

pratik jain

good One buddy. Thanks .
!st question is really good to know

1605 days 18 hours 55 minutes ago

anil choudhary

plz give some typical pointers..questions

1613 days 9 hours 26 minutes ago

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