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Which is country's premier car export port?

Where is the world's largest population of one-horned rhinos?

World’s first billion dollar athlete?

When is the next annual solar eclipse due?

Which is the state that was home of Bharata dynasty, which gave the name ‘Bharat’ to India?

What is the monthly pension a former Indian President gets? ( in rs )

Which is the first country to be ousted from UN?

Which is the diamond polishing capital of the world?

Which is the Indian state that has the world’s first green legislature building

What percentage of the global population are refugees?

In which year was Indira Gandhi born?

Who holds to record for recording the most number of songs in a day?

How many watts are their in a megawatt

Which is the world's biggest non-capital city?

What is the app. number of motorcycles produced in the world per annum?

What is the number of used cars that change hands each year in India?

Who owns the largest rail network in the world?

Who is the filmstar whose paintings are known as ‘Thoughts’?

How many kms are their in a light year?

Which is the district in Kerala having the highest degree of soil erosion?

How many spectators could Collosseum hold?

Which is the South American country without an army?

What percent of combined GDP of European Union does Greece account for?

What is the number of countries in South America?

Which firm is world's largest computer maker?


Hey guys, here’s another general knowledge test for you from ma side. This test will include 25 questions, and those also one of the most tricky questions, I would be very happy, if any body is able to give the correct answer of at least 17 questions. These are not very tricky questions. But still. Best of luck guys


Sarita Sharma

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525 days 22 hours 41 minutes ago


I like dis........Its realy nice......

1530 days 19 hours 34 minutes ago


not good

1766 days 11 hours 29 minutes ago

kirti B

yes plz confirm 2nd ques

1773 days 21 hours 21 minutes ago

Neer Kumar

1Mega watt = 1000 000 watt

1775 days 15 hours 1 minutes ago

Neer Kumar

Many questions are wrong.

1775 days 15 hours 4 minutes ago

Neer Kumar

US has the largest railway system in the world - about 240,000 km.

1775 days 15 hours 4 minutes ago

Neer Kumar

Tiger Woods is not a Athlete..He is a Golf Player..

1775 days 15 hours 7 minutes ago

Hrusikesh Padhy

13 no ans is wrong one,,,

1775 days 17 hours 43 minutes ago


It's nice,superb

1776 days 13 hours 19 minutes ago

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