ICSE - Class X - Physics Online Test

What is the unit of Current?

Ohm's law equation is:

Two resistors or equal Resistance R Ohms each is connected in parallel. The equivalent resistance is:

Five resistors of 2 Ohms each are connected in series. The equivalent resistance is:

Which of the particles is responsible for the flow of current?

The SI unit of electric potential is :

1Joule/1Coulomb =

When electric current passes through a conductor, the electrons flow

Restivitiy of the conductor depends on:

The voltage-current graph for an Ohmic conductor is a


This is a Physics Test on the subject - Current Electricity for ICSE ( Class -X) students.



ur test is pure nonsense!!!! ampere not the unit of current?????????????, really u need to study

86 days 9 hours 47 minutes ago

Debajyoti Halder

mad people....how can ampere not be the unit of current?????????
study SMK, study.........

112 days 12 hours 54 minutes ago


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182 days 3 hours 44 minutes ago


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182 days 3 hours 52 minutes ago


WTF! You are giving the right answers as wrong. What an idiot this author is. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

185 days 5 hours 34 minutes ago

Kshitij Dubey

ooooh man really wastage of time............ :p

241 days 6 hours 9 minutes ago


pls give important questions and not like this easy ones..........

258 days 2 hours 57 minutes ago

Vibhu Agarwal

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411 days 19 minutes ago


who is this guy
Can you post any right answers please..

430 days 13 hours 8 minutes ago


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493 days 1 hours 46 minutes ago

Test: 1

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