Tense Consistency in a Sentence Online Test

___ 12. The doctor suggested bed rest for the patient, who suffers from a bad cold.

___ 11. The boy insisted that he has paid for the candy bars.

___ 10. Scientists predict that the sun will die in the distant future.

___ 9. Harry wants to show his friends the photos he took last summer.

___ 8. Everyone hopes the plan would work.

___ 7. The moderator asks for questions as soon as the speaker has finished.

___ 6. I was terribly disappointed with my grade because I studied very hard.

___ 5. After Capt. James Cook visited Alaska on his third voyage, he is killed by Hawaiian

islanders in 1779.

___ 4. By the time negotiations began, many pessimists have expressed doubt about them.

___ 3. Thousands of people will see the art exhibit by the time it closes.

___ 2. While Barbara puts in her contact lenses, the telephone rang.

___ 1. If the club limited its membership, it will have to raise its dues.


a test that determines if you can determine the correct tense of verbs in a sentence from the content. for each sentence mark it S for satisfactory U for unsatisfactory


Kamaran Omer Ali

I have to study more hard

1408 days 20 hours 38 minutes ago

Eshita Dey

hey, what is the meaning of s and u.......couldn't understand!!!!

1648 days 21 hours 20 minutes ago



1674 days 19 hours 31 minutes ago

Esther Cota

Need to review the test's instructions, they are not very clear.

1675 days 21 hours 11 minutes ago

Hrideyesh Sharma

Still I need to wortk hard

1676 days 15 hours 21 minutes ago

kamala venkataraman

Enjoyed taking this test!

1677 days 23 hours 28 minutes ago

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