Oracle SQL, PL/SQL Quiz Online Test

Can you commit inside a Trigger?

Maximum characters allowed in dbms_out.put_line()

Can you delete a column in table with data in Oracle?

Maximum number of columns in a table or view in Oracle 9i?

What is the Datatype of NULL in Oracle?

Maximum length of all Oracle Objects in 9i:

How to check the version of Oracle?

Maximum levels of subqueries in the WHERE clause of an SQL statement?

How to Kill a Session in Oracle?

Oracle UTL_FILE Package is used :


Oracle SQL, PL/SQL Quiz made up from lots of real interview questions.


Ihead Go

Found a site ( that offers tons of practice exams for multiple subjects. They offer practice exams for almost anything possible. Check it out.
Checking out this site and looks interesting...a lot of different Exams TI.

113 days 2 hours 13 minutes ago



173 days 23 hours 58 minutes ago


Yes Good Test.Very basic and important Questions

332 days 34 minutes ago


So STUPID test!!!
Who need to REMEMBER those numbers?!?!
Statister, not a developer would answer such!

370 days 21 hours 15 minutes ago


both the sites mentinoed above r not working

1177 days 4 hours 29 minutes ago

Mawahib Gedo

It is useful test thanks

1212 days 8 hours 52 minutes ago


if u ask queries as questions,it will more useful to us

1269 days 22 hours 59 minutes ago


nice small test...contains very basic important questions...

1326 days 10 hours 34 minutes ago



1369 days 4 hours 48 minutes ago

shrikant kulkarni

good test

1374 days 7 hours 38 minutes ago

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