C#.net and SQL server Test

Which of the following data types are used in SQL?

LInq stands for_______________?

In order to remove the index created the SQL command used is

NULL Value is equal to

The function used to calculate the arc sine of a value is

The function that is used to cut off numbers to a specified number of decimal places is

The ROWID data type value represents

The function TO_DATE in SQL

WPF Stands for_________________?

All WPF start with _________________threads


SQL Server



fully agree with Namitha. Please improve on the test format and update your knowledge. Hope will improve upon the next test release.

1388 days 13 hours 46 minutes ago

Namitha Gopi

I think WPF stands for windows presentaton foundation

1432 days 3 hours 16 minutes ago

Avinash Kr Singh
Software Developer
Test: 1

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