C#.net and SQL server Test

Which of the following data types are used in SQL?

LInq stands for_______________?

In order to remove the index created the SQL command used is

NULL Value is equal to

The function used to calculate the arc sine of a value is

The function that is used to cut off numbers to a specified number of decimal places is

The ROWID data type value represents

The function TO_DATE in SQL

WPF Stands for_________________?

All WPF start with _________________threads


SQL Server



fully agree with Namitha. Please improve on the test format and update your knowledge. Hope will improve upon the next test release.

1487 days 6 hours 43 minutes ago

Namitha Gopi

I think WPF stands for windows presentaton foundation

1530 days 20 hours 14 minutes ago

Avinash Kr Singh
Software Developer
Test: 1

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