ALGEBRA: Simplifying Expressions [For grade 6th & 7th; CBSE, IGCSE...] 

Sunday, April 29 2012 | 8:00 PM (IST)

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This will be a practice lesson for all Junior Secondary School Students ( Grade/Year/Standard 6th and 7th)

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Language of instruction: English

Keywords: algebra, simplifying algebraic expressions, grade/year 6 and 7



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I am an Indian by nationality and a school teacher by profession. I am well-experienced in teaching maths at both secondary and senior secondary school levels . I had been working in Africa as a maths teacher for about 20 years ( Botswana,Nigeria and Sierra Leone) Currently, I am attached to a CBSE High School in Kerala State of India , as a Guest Lecturer for 11th and 12th std/Grade

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