Revision of Complete Mathematics Syllabus of CBSE X: A Series 

Wednesday, November 26 2008 | 8:00 PM (IST)

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About the Class

PSYsolution MATHELP started an initiation to offer FREE Mathematics revision for CBSE Board appearing students. These sessions will be focusing NCERT syllabus for Class X. The regular sessions are on every Mon, Wed and Fri from 8pm to 9pm, starting on 17 Nov 08. Every session of this series will have followings:-

  • Home Assignment Checking of the previous topic (Introduction on 17 Nov 08)
  • Revision of New topic
  • Practice of New topic
  • Handing over the Home assignment
All students are expected to cover the syllabus at least once. They are required to keep their Notebook and pen with NCERT Math-book ready during the session. All are to use headphone and mic during the session.
Topic for this session: Statistics
The previous session in the series is Revision of Complete Mathematics Syllabus of CBSE X

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Keywords: mathematics, cbse class 10, statistics

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