Raaga Yaman with Complete Bandish, Notation, Alaap and Taan 

Wednesday, January 20 2010 | 9:00 PM (IST)

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45 minutes

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About the Class

This class teaches you

  • 1. Aroha, Avaroha and Pakad of raaga Yaman
  • 2. The complete description of raag
  • 3. Bandish with sthayi and Antra
  • 4. Complete Notation of the Bandish
  • 5. Alaap and Taan in Raaga Yaman
  • 6. Indian Film Songs based on Raag Yaman
This class lets you learn Indian Classical Music online. The class will be taken by Pt. Deepender Deepak Sharma of Delhi Gharana.

Language of instruction: English

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About Deepender Deepak Sharma

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    Deepender Deepak Sharma
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Namaskar ! I am Deepender Datt Sharma "Deepak". I am a professional singer. I belongs to Delhi Gharana of traditional Indian Music.I learned singing under the guidance of Late Ustad Naseer Ahmed Khan Sahib who was known as 'Taan Samrath' for his drut or high tempo taans.I have been running Devashram Sangit Mahavidyalaya, a premier music coaching institute since 1982 which provides platform to the young talent.