Expanding Learning via Interactive Online Storytelling "Out of Time" 

Presented by:Robin Stevens Payes

Thursday, October 31 2013| 10:00 AM (EST)

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About the Class

Out of Time is a young adult time travel adventure story currently in screenplay, Twitter serial story and novel.

Author and creator Robin Stevens Payes envisions expanding beyond novels, interactive Twitter story experiment and screenplay to support informal interactive learning through the use of story. She is looking for help to create educational tools around this story.

Looking to use this class to start a conversation and gain feedback from teens and teachers on ways to use the story, characters and time travel to supplement classroom and textbook with games, resources, quizzes, and exercises for writing, arts, history, STEM and others.

Participants in the class will also gain insights into how to follow and direct an interactive storytelling experiment, and how followers have already begun helping shape the story on Twitter.

Robin Stevens Payes has written a YA time travel adventure screenplay, "Out of Time", about a teen genius and da Vinci-wannabe Charley Morton who adapts modern technology to travel to 1492 Florence to meet her Florentine idol, Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo is fascinated by this visitor from another time, but others fear her powerful magic. Her illuminated “slate” reveals unimaginable mysteries that defy the wisdom of even the most enlightened among them. Hunted for witchcraft she must either divulge secrets that will change history or be burned for heresy and, worse, miss winning her school science fair. 

Along the way, it became apparent that Charley and her friends were not content to wait to be adapted to the big screen to share their story: they are now tweeting and inviting engagement from teens and adults alike @OutofTimeMovie (https://twitter.com/OutofTimeMovie).

Some people asked how to direct a twitter story at that time, so Robin Stevens Payes created this video: 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un7Hphukscc. She also has a blog post telling the story-behind-the-story (this blog is cross-posted on the TechinEdu blog): http://wordsworkcom.blogspot.com/2013/06/from-carpools-to-time-travel-tweeting.html

She is also working on the novelization of the screenplay as part of a YA series that examines different cultures and characters through the lens of history, science, arts and technology. I'm also in the process of developing a Web site that she would like to use to promote interactive informal learning based on Charley's travels and adventures.

It would be very useful to have seasoned educators, elearning and ed tech specialists involved in the design, implementation and engagement through these various technologies. Robin Stevens Payes would also love to recruit a "Teen Tweet Team" to regularly engage in the Twitter conversation and help direct the adventure going on in that space, and to offer feedback in developing online educational materials to allow teens to learn "deeper" about time periods and these subjects.

Language of instruction: English

Keywords: story telliing, techinedu, connected educators month


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