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Integrating Technology

Integrating Technology

Doctor of Education

Female |Toronto, Canada

Moodle MOOC 2: Flipped Learning in an Online Course for Teachers

15 Oct

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Flipped Learning is an instructional approach that is generating great interest as educators redesign their classrooms for the 21st century. The basic principle of flipped learning is that direct instruction takes place out of class while practice and application take place in class (Bergmann & Sams, 2012).

Helaine W. Marshall is Associate Professor of Education and Director of Language Education at Long Island University-Hudson. She is co-coordinator, with Dr. Nancy Lemberger, of a collaborative cross-campus online TESOL Program and co-author, with Dr. Andrea DeCapua, of Making the transition to classroom success: Culturally responsive teaching for struggling language learners (2013), among other publications. Dr. Marshall serves on the Boards of the Flipped Learning Network and the NYS TESOL Journal.

Helaine Marshall and one of her students, Nan Frydland, graduate student in the MS. Ed. in TESOL Program and Instructor at Concordia College in Bronxville, NY., will discuss flipped learning in the context of an online course in which students meet synchronously each week in a virtual classroom. The presentation will include a tour of the classroom as well as the e-learning platform where the course materials reside.

About the Host

Integrating Technology

Integrating Technology

Doctor of Education
Toronto, Canada

Niela Miller,M.S.Ed (www.peoplesystemspotential) is known as Marly Milena in SL. She combines a background in education, many arts, and humanistic psychology to produce unique learning opportunities in SL. For more information check the website, www.peoplesystemspotential.com

Lynne Berrett,MA (Lit.), LCSW (www.thewisebrain.com) is Lissena in SL. Her training and work as a literature/writing instructor, psychotherapist and life coach with a focus on creative aging led her to develop a research-based immersive learning environment called the Whole Brain Health Fairgrounds in Second Life.

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